The need for efficient logistic solutions has been growing over the past years. Logistics involve organising and controlling of a total flow of information from order placement, inventory and goods in movement in order to improve earning capacity and gain a competitive edge. With more than 200 affiliations around the world, Asia Intercity Logistics bring together the best choice of supplier for our customer’s needs.

From packing, assembly, labelling, quality control, pricing, invoicing and programming. We see only possibilities. We will discuss and develop the right service for our customers. Asia Intercity Logistics offers warehousing and related services in a wide range of products. We use cutting edge tools to support the whole transport chain to deliver your consignment at better speeds and at economical costs.
Through our partners we provide storage facilities of cargo for short / long term basis at various strategic locations, keeping our focus on secure and safe storage at economical costs. Asia Intercity Logistics offers storage facilities at key destinations in the world with an extensive warehousing system. Asia Intercity Logistics extensive warehousing and distribution system will pick, pack, store and distribute consignments anywhere in the region by efficient modes of transport.
Asia Intercity Logistics Warehousing services including:
  • Merchandiser Distribution.
  • Packing and crating.
  • General office supplies.
A finely-tuned network gives our customers an assurance for fast and reliable delivery. We deliver good service! We combine airfreight and road freight and short transit time and reasonable cost.
Asia Intercity Logistics offer effective and secure movement of cargo between warehouses, terminals and other cargo depots. Add to that a distribution service that is adjusted 100% to the customer’s needs, and you have a good impression of how Asia Intercity Logistics operates.
We also offer land transportation solutions to efficiently and economically move your goods of any size, shape or quantity from one point to the other, employing specialized equipments with heavy lift capabilities.
Every cargo consignment for import / export needs customs clearance. It can be difficult to deal with global rules and regulations. The lack of correct paperwork, certificates and experience can results in extra cost and delays.
Asia Intercity Logistics combines expertise with local knowledge to ensure fast and friction free handling of each and every clearance the moment it arrives, saving our customers’ time and money.
Insurance of goods is very often neglected. Delivery terms and other agreements will have strong impact if something unforeseen happens.
Asia Intercity Logistics will be glad to help you to find a suitable insurance for each individual consignment.
Asia Intercity Logistics has insurance liability and cargo insurance with major insurance companies.
Additional insurance may be obtained from the company through its own open insurance policy or through individual insurance policies at an additional cost.
Cargo Insurance Specialist / Full Liability Coverage / Economical Rate Door-to-Door Insurance / Local, Responsive Representative / Documentation and Reporting / Payment of Premiums / Assistance with Claim Processing